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We’re happy to answer your frequently asked questions:

Is there a waiting list?
No. With 50 newly constructed slips, we have plenty of available moorage.

Are there live-aboard accommodations?
No. There are no facilities to accommodate live-aboards at this marina.

Are slips offered for weekend or short-stay boaters?
No. This marina serves only long-term guests. We have no transient moorage.

What electrical service is available on the docks?
We offer 30 and 50-amp service, 120 or 240 volts respectively.

Are haul outs and storage on the "hard" included in the moorage?
No. There are separate charges for boatyard services.

Can I work on my own boat at the Marina?
Yes, absolutely. Hylebos Marina operates the only remaining self-service boatyard in Pierce County. We ask only that you abide by all EPA regulations, and boatyard rules. However, only "normal maintenance-type work" is allowed in the water. (i.e., in the moorage slips and boathouses)

Do I need insurance to moor my vessel?
Yes. We require a minimum of $300,000 in liability insurance on all vessels.

Are the premises secure?
All boatyard and marina areas are locked and reasonably secure. However, all boats and equipment are stored and moored entirely at the owner's risk.

Where can I park at the marina?

There is adequate parking in all locations, but for marina and boatyard customers only.

Do you sell fuel?
No. Strict regulatory and environmental requirements prevent us from being a fuel provider. We can recommend other fueling options upon request.

Do you have restrooms?

Yes. They are located near the marina office, but no shower facilities are available.

Are there restaurants and grocery stores nearby?
Yes. There is both a restaurant and a coffee stand directly across the street. Grocery stores and numerous other food services are just a short drive away.

Is there dry storage for boats?
Yes, we do have some dry storage, especially during winter months, but it excludes boats positioned on trailers. All boats are stored on boat stands in fenced yards.

Are pets allowed at the Marina?
Yes, moored boaters can have their furry family members visit providing they are leashed and under control at all times. In the boatyard, pets must be kept under or on the vessel, and the owner must properly tend to such issues as cleanup and barking.